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The Bierzo Region, due to its beauty and natural wealth, offers a multitude of possibilities to enjoy the summer. Below we propose several ideas to make these hot days more bearable and have fun to the fullest in Bierzo Alto, both as a family, as a couple or alone. One of the most appealing alternatives to endure the heat is to go to one of the river beaches of the region The most beautiful river beach closest to Bembibre is without a doubt La Ribera de Folgoso. It has plenty of grassy space to relax and be calm, its waters from the Boeza River are generally very clean and perfect for swimming. It also has a large barbecue area and a bathing area for the little ones. The only thing we miss is that it does not have a beach bar or kiosk where you can eat or drink something, so we recommend you bring drinks and food if you are going to spend the day there.

LA RIBERA was inaugurated on July 18, 2007 by the then Minister of Justice of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. It involved the recovery of an important space for leisure, and the channeling of the Boeza River as it passed through the locality, avoiding the risk of flooding



The other notable river beach in the Bierzo Alto is that of San Facundo, being the Arroyo Rial the one that provides the most clean and fresh waters. In addition to going to the river beach, San Facundo offers a multitude of possibilities in terms of ecological routes and other rural activities.


To the north of Bembibre we propose two other alternatives to cool off, rest and eat in company in the countryside; one is the area of ​​Santa Marina del Sil, which is reached via the road from Bembibre to Toreno and can be seen from the road, the other is the El Retorno recreational area, a beautiful area located at the very entrance of Tournament with plenty of space for barbecues, playing sports and getting wet in the waters of the Sil. For those who prefer a pool rather than a river, comment that there are many possibilities in various municipalities, for example: Bembibre, Noceda, Toreno, etc. Finally, remember that in other areas of the Bierzo the offer of recreational and bathing places is even greater, we have not mentioned them since they are much better known as they belong to the Camino de Santiago, we are talking about Molinaseca and its river beach, Villafranca del Bierzo and others such as Toral de los Vados and Cacabelos. In short, a multitude of options to not stay at home and enjoy the Bierzo in this beautiful season of the year. At the top of our mountains of Santa Cruz de Montes we enjoy a natural landscape where the whole family can enjoy the natural setting of the Bierzo mountains in León.


















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