Telefonos de contacto

987 518 036 - 630 579 801
 Santa cruz de Montes (El Bierzo -Leon)





Only he marries completes *Half A Pension presents *Full board presents    

Weekend (2 nights)

  420 €  2 Days:24€  2 Days:48€  


Week (7 nights)   770 €  7 Days:84€     7 Days:168€  

Availability and Booking

Fortnight (15 nights) 1420      15 Days:180€   15 Days:360€
 * Day extra      150 1 Days:12€ 1 Days:24€
Weekend Christmas and End of year     530€ ------------------- -------------------------

* Supplement by day extra always and when the availability of the house allows it.

* The diets are optional and they will have to move to the bar of the people to scanty       150mts.




Sol y Luna 2010 - -


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