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 Santa cruz de Montes (El Bierzo -Leon)




Santa Cruz de Montes is a belonging population to town hall of Tower of the Bierzo, to the west of her León's province,
in the entry to the valley of The Bierzo from the Plateau. Nowadays it has approximately 102 inhabitants, though the number
was notably top during height of the industry of the coal, principal source of wealth for 75 years. It possesses a church of
middle of the 18th century, and a hermitage of the Century the XVIIth. In addition several interesting buildings exist, since
a former hospital of pilgrims or a former prison. The legends of the zone speak about the existence of one convent left during
the Arabic invasion and about one Roman hopscotch, though nowadays there do not exist remains of any of two things





  Since Coming

In the round way, the fifth one to take exit and to join to Ctra of Madrid to The Coruña/N -IV, to direction LE-450/Brañuelas/Torre del Bierzo/A-6/A Corunna

To spend a round way

It turns to the left side in Ctra of Madrid to The Coruña/LE-463

Continúar to LE-463

It turns to the left side in Ctra of Sta Cruz to Torre del Bierzo

It takes the 1 ª to the right and remains in Ctra de Sta Cruz to Torre del Bierzo

It continues for Street of the Cross, coming to the village



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