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The archaeological park of the Marrows is one of the most important mining remains of the Roman epoch. The former mounts Medulios with the effort of the Romans for obtaining the valued golden metal, have turned into this singular landscape. Antigua zone of Celtiberian hopscotches that later were romanized, as the villa romanized of Pedreiras, in the lake Carucedo and the metallurgical settlement located in Orellán.
It counts the legend that in the people of the Medulas was the commander native of Asturias Médulo who from the top of the mountains faced to the Roman legions, but the superiority of these I end with the native resistance, which men prefirieron the death for fire and poison (of yew) before that the surrender, giving origin like that to the name.
24 km to the west of Ponferrada, for the N-536, Road of Orense. It has been the major one of the auriferous deposits exploited by the Romans to sustain his empire.
Proclaimed Heritage of the Humanity for the UNESCO in 1997.
In his environment we recommend to visit the remains of Cornatel's Castle, Carucedo's Lake and plunged lake.

Vista aerea de la Medulas

The valley of the Silence

It is a question of a zone included in the Inventory of Natural Spaces of the former I.C.O.N.A (1977 - 1980) and considered as point of biological international interest. The valley departs from Peñalba's term of Santiago (29TQH025003) and thinks up hillside arrives along the acquaintance as Creek of the Silence up to reaching levels near to 2.000 meters in the place known as the ice seller

The combination of rich and poor substrata in bases that one gives in this valley, together with the difference altitudinal, they offer a set of vegetable very diverse communities, besides relics as the copies of oak, which seem to be hung of the limy crestones, and vegetable species of ideally Atlantic. This one is the case of Dabra cantabricae subsp. izcoi and other endemismos bercianos: Leontodon farinosus, Harebell arbatica subsp. adsurgens. Likewise, we can find zones of melojo, chestnut-tree or of forest ripario formed by black poplars, alder-trees and ash-trees. 

Besides the fires that take place in the zone, it is necessary to indicate that the zone also can consider to be threatened by increasingly frequent presence of the man of city, who meets attracted to the zone for the beauty of the landscape, the monumental wealth and the legend preserved across the centuries. For the zone it thinks up the known one as Path of the Monks that, departing from Saint Thomas de las Ollas, crosses great part of the municipality to come to Peñalba of Santiago, and the Circular Path of the Tebaida Berciana, with point of origin and arrival in Valdueza's Mounts.

Peñalba's distance of Santiago to Ponferrada: 17.5 km for 158/4 and 191/6.




Valle de Manzanedo de Valdueza

And new we are in a point of biological interest, in this case of regional interest. The people of Manzanedo de Valdueza is in the head-board of the valley furrowed by the creek of the same name.
In this valley there remain a few forests of bank of high ecological value. They are a recollection of epochs in which the climatology was of moderate character. Here they find magnificent copies of ash-trees and elms of mountain, close to vegetable species like Pyrola minor and a good number of ferns in ideal condition.

Manzanedo de Valdueza's distance to Ponferrada: 15 km for 158/4 and 191/6.





Palacios de Compludo One agrees on cuarcitas, sandstones and slates belonging to the primary age (Cambrian. Series of the Ends).
It is in 1986 when Compludo's Palaces, as other peoples of the mountain berciana, it loses his last inhabitants due to the bad communications and the hardness of the living conditions. In 1999, the collaboration between the residents association " the Walnut " and the group "Tyto Alba", sees as his works of rehabilitation they begin to give fruits from the agreement signed for the conservation of the natural environment in which SEO-Birdlife takes part.

This way there arises the Reservation destined for the conservation of the species of avian fauna that they live in the zone and to the accomplishment of activities of environmental education, across three routes created to announce his environment: Valley of the Bear, Bouzas's Route and the route that goes of Palaces to Carracedo de Compludo.

Distance of Compludo's Palaces to Ponferrada: 22 km. For the LE-142 and 192/20.




Palacios de Compludo





Edificacion tipica de Palacios de Compludo

El Morredero, We emphasize this zone because besides the possible biological interest that could have all his environment as formingly of the Mounts Aquilianos, it is a question of a recognized place of geological interest, with interests of stratigraphic, tectonic and geomorphologic type. It is a question of a zone belonging to the low Paleozoico.
Recreative area destined for the practice of the ski.

Distance of The Morredero to Ponferrada: 26 km for 158/4 and 192/21.


El Morredero
 Los Ancares

t is one of the most unknown natural zones of the whole European continent. His geographical isolation has allowed that they should come to the present day preserving a fullly virgin nature and a few customs that still are kept foreign to any exterior influence.
The most significant element of the popular architecture of the zone constitutes it the palloza or house of teito (stony construction of Celtic origin, with circular or elliptical and covered form of straw) that simultaneously uses as housing, stable and barn.
It is interesting to visit San Andrés's Monastery in Espinareda's Vega of neoclassic style.

  Villafranca of the Bierzo
    There is declared historical artistic monumental set.
    Noble Casonas, churches convents and palaces.

    Castro de la Ventosa: Placed in a nice distant height 1 km from Cacabelos constitutes one    of the most interesting hopscotches of the province and that of major dimensions of the Spanish Northwest.
    Archaeological museum and museum of the wine.

  Peñalba's Santiago
    To 18 km from Villanueva, happening for San Esteban of Valdueza, ValdeFrancos and San Clemente of Valdueza.
    Beautiful people, example of rural architecture slept in the time. Historical artistic national set.
    The tour allows to contemplate the impressive beauty of the Valley of the Silence.



Los Ancares

Los Ancares


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